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Today we shop the world from home but often forget what’s right on our doorstep: diverse shops, local products and services from people who are based in your neighbourhood. Everyone is welcome on localove, from high street shop to someone based from their home. localove is a live market which lets you discover what’s available and new around you every moment of every day, helping you get the very best out of your local community.
It also gives every local enterprise — big, small, independent or chain — the stage to tell their story in a unique, personal and immediate way.
localove brings local people together. It helps local shoppers and businesses discover each other, build connections and interact. localove brings the excitement back to the high street!
localove - a world of discovery
With frequent updates, daily news and offers and ‘just arrived’ posts, local businesses can connect with their communities, letting people discover all that’s new around them.
Local shoppers can browse in their local area, discovering offers, news and updates from businesses they know and love, as well as businesses they’ve never heard of before.
localove - connecting businesses to shoppers locally
We’re for human interaction and vibrant local communities, where hard-working people fulfil their dreams and add value to local life, through real engagement with their community.
We believe the magic of the high street should be brought alive, and we’re helping businesses do that by bringing showing you what’s behind the shop window.
How it works:
localove is constantly open.
Shoppers will have access to everything that is going on around them. They’ll see posts of fresh news and ‘just arrived’ products, and they’ll be able to meet the people that make it happen in their neighbourhoods.
Businesses will get a digital shop window and a launch pad to create posts for the market. We’ll equip them with tools and guidance on how to communicate via localove, build a lasting local brand and attract more local shoppers.
What is the “local market”?
For a business, the market is everywhere within a 30 minute walk around your business. Whoever enters this ‘circle’ becomes a shopper in your market.
For a shopper, it's within a 30 minutes walk of either where you are standing, or of any area — in the world — that you choose.
localove is for everyone!
Shop, business, office, sole trader, charity, activity or public service — everyone is welcome on localove.
For local people or visitors, it’s the ideal way to discover what’s new and going on around them.
Benefits for businesses:
- It takes two minutes to sign up, giving you access to the entire neighbourhood within a 30 minute walking radius- Send a post at any time, schedule for later or save a draft- Appear in the daily trending section when you receive localove from shoppers- Receive discreet feedback from customers to see what’s popular in the neighbourhood- Access to analytics showing you interaction with your posts, and learn what your customers love
Benefits for shoppers:
- Get access to everything that is new and has just arrived right around you- Discover the shops, businesses, events and activities to do and find things you never knew existed- Help your favourites to get some recognition on the market by showing them some localove- Tap on the pulse button to like what you see. You can find them later on in your ‘liked’ list.- Follow the latest news from shops and businesses and you’ll be the first to know when something is new- Send discreet feedback to shops & businesses in your neighbourhood, they might just send you a message back- Share posts with friends to make sure they don’t miss out